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I still believe in the sedulous journey to obtain that childhood dream.


About me:

Hi, I'm Elad a full-stack digital marketer and an all around observant and aware individual. I like working in forward thinking and creative atmospheres. I am well structured, organized, and love to work with new and innovative teams. I make decisions and solve problems.

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22 Years - New York City

Fun Fact:

The only pet I ever had was a fish, and he lived a short but fulfilling life.

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If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself
Henry Ford

Stuff I Like

Forward thinking

"The way it's always been done" - is okay for some industries, but not marketing, and especially not digital marketing. I am influenced by companies and people who are already working on the new 'cool'.


"Think of your team as puzzle pieces that can be placed together in a variety of ways." -Forbes. Motivation, accountability, and creativeness increase in a team, plus, who wants to be alone.

Digitally First

Digital cannot come as an afterthought, or "we're integrating digital, because we think we should" in an increasingly digital world, companies need to be inherently digital.

More about me & what people say

I like to work on freelance projects, not limited to digital marketing. My main interests are small companies, that work fast and cut out bureaucracy. I have worked in almost every industry, from fast food and retail, to high tech and banking. All have been equally as eventful.


Adaptation is my favorite trait- yes, I love digital marketing, but I am a also growth hacker, UX enthusiast, data feen, and off-time coder. I am not a master at anything, yet, but I am extraordinary resourceful.

Plus according to Luminacity my brain's best skills are problem solving and flexibility.


Stuff I do

Full-stack, from the back end to the front, coding, content, implementation, and measurement. I like taking on challenging projects and seeing them through to the end. I trust data & analytics, and truly believe the days of not knowing where your budget was spent are gone. Check out my skills on my resume!

The Woolworth Tour Company
WoolWorth Tours NYC


WoolWorth Tours

First Ever Digital Consultant, complete audit and analysis or online digital presence. Main Priority is to increase the right targeted audience to website, and convert them to tour ticket holders. Social media and search networks were used for traffic inflow - analytical tools used for measurement and constant refining.

GTM strategy
GTM Strat


GTM Strat

Start-up consulting company, that not only strategizes go to market plans, but makes it actionable.

Alexander Nash is a bespoke suit maker in NYC
Alexander Nash


Alexander Nash

Work on a new concept that would need a website transformation, the idea was to pair up with a social influencer, create affordable, limited clothing, and launch a campaign around it. 1 item, 1 website, 1 influencer, 1 month.

The Intellectual Child
The Intellectual Child


The Intellectual Child

Consult with client on completed wed design over hall, including an ecommerce store. From wire framing to design to development, digital marketing hacks were included in the strategy throughout the process.

Images of Delhack a hackathon Elad started at the university



DelHack is UD's premier student run hackathon, a 24 hour [caffeine-fueled] programming event, founded by developers and created for developers. It's not an event meant for breaking into systems or hacking into software - it's about putting something together and scrapping an idea with minimal resources in an incredibly small amount of time

Personal online resume
Executive Resume


Executive Resume

Work on a new online resume

SpotGenius is a project Elad Schor started while participating in a hackathon in michigan



Here is some more information about this project that is only revealed once clicked on.

Why You Need Me is Elad Schor's brand website for career hunting
Why You Need Me


Why You Need Me

This is WhyYouNeedMe. A simple site, and it is meant to be. It was born from the simple idea - try and gain employment. There is an endless amount of amazing and innovative companies out there looking for talent to match their growth. This website was made so all those companies would have a chance to find me.

this Facebook Pages was a part of the project for digital Marketing senior class.
Ud Pays it Forward


Ud Pays it Forward

Our mission is to spread happiness throughout campus by paying it forward. the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference in someones day!

Elad Schor Jumping off a cliff in Greece

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
Thomas A. Edison

Writing / Videography

My blogs encompass my thoughts and my videos are the closest way to see the world through my eyes. I write and shot about anything from digital marketing materials to distant countries. Check out my blog on Medium.


Last college internship experience

Winter trip to exploring the Holland

2015 New Years in Hong Kong

Experience my travels and adventures on YouTube!